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How pharmaceuticals are helping in the fight against COVID 19?

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With noteworthy global efforts in progress to diagnose and treat patients from the COVID 19 pandemic, pharmaceuticals are fighting side by side the doctors. The given write-up points out how these organizations are combating the disease and what can we do to fight the battle.

The global community is fighting against a deadly virus – COVID 19 – and making efforts towards saving the people. While doctors, police, and other social agencies are the foot soldiers in the battle, pharmaceuticals and scientists are working round the clock for creating vaccines and medicines to fight the disease.

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The pharmaceuticals Chicago, Illinois points out how most of them are working towards combating the disease. Most of these agencies have conducted deep research in dealing with microbes in the past, and are now utilizing their resources to bring out substantial weapons against a common enemy.

While some have declassified their data, others have contributed money or technology in fighting the battle. Few biotechs in Illinois are exploring methods to utilize prevailing technologies to create a viable vaccine.

Here are few of the examples where pharmaceutical companies around the world are working towards tackling the COVID 19 pandemic:

  1. Working towards right diagnostics

Diagnosing the patient correctly is probably the first step towards fighting any disease. In the case of COVID 19, rolling out the right diagnostic to find the infected patient is crucial to stop the spread of the disease. But the rapid spread of the disease throughout the world has pushed the demand for the testing kit.

Unfortunately, the demand for kits is higher than the supply for the product. But pharmaceutical agencies are coming forward to tackle this situation.

While some are coming forward towards upscaling their kit production, others are collaborating with others to roll out faster and more efficient test kits in the markets.

  1. Developing treatment 

Viable treatment to combat the disease is crucial to getting better. According to pharmaceuticals Chicago, Illinois as of now globally as many as twenty companies are developing potential medicines to check the disease. Among them, four are in the late phase of development.

On the other hand, close to fifty projects are developing a combination of drugs and vaccines that may help in immunizing the patients.

  1. Creating vaccines 

The process of creating a vaccine is crucial but slow pointed out the biotechs in Illinois. Overall, for a vaccine to come into the market – there have to be multiple tests and clearances from the regulatory authorities.

In most cases, a vaccine needs more than a year to bring the product into the market. According to statistics, only 10% of the experimental vaccines make it into the market, so the more participants come forward the greater the chances of getting the medicines out into the market.

Digital tools in the fight against the virus

In the biopharmaceutical industry, there has been a huge shift in adopting advanced digital and remote monitoring techniques. While people are being quarantined, and specifically asked to avoid public places, there has been a huge demand for digital platforms in the healthcare sector.

For instance, online Pharmacy in Chicago, Illinois has seen a steep growth in its customer count after quarantine announcements. Also, pharmaceuticals are working towards accelerating internal R&D for transitioning into digital platforms and using remote monitoring for things like virtual clinical trials.

To ensure the safety of the healthcare provider and patients, while maintaining the integrity of the data, the FDA has recently forwarded multiple guidelines. These guiding pointers outline how the trials have to be conducted and how the samples are to be preserved. Additionally, social workers have been urged to use digital tools to assess patients. Few of the recommended pointers mention virtual visits, using phone contacts, and taking the help of local institutions, imaging centers, or labs.

In the same line, preference to vital sign-measuring devices, that are non-invasive and assist in remote monitoring, are helping the doctors in taking care of the patient while keeping themselves safe from the exposure.

Overall, digital tools are helping the healthcare workers in monitoring the patients, research and development, and better diagnosis of the patient.

What else can be done in the meanwhile? 

In the meantime, when a pharmaceutical company in Chicago and the world are working towards developing new drugs and vaccines to fight the disease, we have to stay healthy and fit for their sake. It is important to eat right and follow the safety precautions to carry on the fight against the virus.

Taking health supplements and probiotic drinks is a great way of keeping oneself healthy and fit. Supplements are technically dietary products that contain a huge percentage of dietary ingredients required by the body. These dietary ingredients include minerals, vitamins, and amino acids derived from natural or synthetic compounds.

These supplements work as a building block that strengthens immunity and keeps the body protected from the incoming invaders and pathogens. Eating a diet rich in fresh and whole foods is probably the most suitable way of getting the daily dose of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids required by the body.

What to eat and how much? 

The supplement can be a great source of nourishment, however, too much of anything can be harmful to the body. Vitamin, especially C, D, E, when combined with zinc supplements are effective in fighting respiratory infections. But, too much zinc in the body can do more harm than good. Thus, taking the medicine with a doctor’s approval is important.

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